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    BHL All-Star Jerseys are now available for PREORDER!

    BHL All-Star Jerseys are now available for PREORDER!

    It's been a long time coming but the BHL All-Star Jersey is now available for the general public to purchase. As seen in the feature film Hockey Journey, this silky hockey sweater is sourced from Men's League Sweaters, the premiere uniform provider for beer leaguers around the world. The BHL All-Star Jersey can be customized with your name and number for an additional fee ($10).

    There will be a limited quantity so make sure to preorder before October 31st! The order has an expected delivery date of December 1st and would make a great Christmas present for your favorite beer leaguer!

    And, of course, a big thanks to Men's League Sweaters for the assist on making this happen! Design your own jerseys at

    100% Of BHLPA Profits Go To Charity During The Month Of May!

    100% Of BHLPA Profits Go To Charity During The Month Of May!


    My name is Kane Van Gate and I’m the president and founder of the BHLPA, the “official” players union for beer leaguers worldwide, and I have some very exciting news.

    Starting today, throughout the entire month of May, we’re going to donate 100% of our profits to the Feeding America and Food Banks Canada in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. That’s right. 100 percent of our profits this entire month.

    We’re all affected by this virus, but it’s important to acknowledge that there are so many people out there who are worse off, like those struggling just to put food on the table. And I’d like to do my part to help those people. Feel free to join me. Shop this month and support a cause that’s greater than all of us.

    Thank you for time, and please, be kind, be SAFE and when you get back on the ice don’t forget to backcheck!